CQC Registration of GP Practices

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CQC had been heavily criticised in government and the media following the previous round of registration with dentists and needed to massively improve the registration experience for its customers.

The project was to deliver an application to register approx 8,000 GPs to CQC. Significant investment was made with user engagement and testing in the design phase of the project prior to development. The application form (and regulation) is complex and was delivered with 6 variants depending upon the makeup and size of the provider.

I was responsible for the technical delivery which met it’s (tight!) deadline and delivered both to agreed scope and budget. This covered the full lifecycle of the project and all elements of design, application delivery, backend data integration and testing. The project team was split across four locations and was cross-functional with IT and Business members.

Since go-live, the registration of Primary Medical Services Providers has been incredibly smooth. There have been no major issues with the application and infrastructure allowing CQC to concentrate on the business of registration rather than IT support. There has been a marked improvement compared to the registration of dentists.

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